17 February 2022

Onshore Power Supply


Most ships use fossil fuel to charge when at port. This leads to massive amounts of emissions into the air. A global standard and praxis is necessary to minimize the environmental impact and to create a more sustainable charging alternative.


Swedish Actemium pioneered the creation of one of the first port-side power stations. The innovation gives ships the option to switch off their auxiliary engines, as they reach port, and connect to electricity instead of fuel.


The Onshore Power Supply gives ships and ports the alternative to use electricity instead of diesel. This dramatically reduces emissions worldwide, reduces noise pollution and is more cost efficient. Actemium, a key player in the transformation to a smarter industry, is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to industrial processes. Actemium is active in the advice on, design, building and maintenance of industrial systems. Actemium is also a pioneer in specific and leading solutions in next generation offers aimed at stimulating the Industry of the future, Industry 4.0. VINCI Energies created the global Actemium brand in 1997.