The Hive - Innovations for Good by VINCI Energies

To drive the development towards more climate-smart services, we created our innovation hub, The Hive. The Hive is now our central hub for environmental innovation at VINCI Energies in The Nordics.

How it works

The Hive is both a physical space and a digital platform with the purpose of generating new ideas and innovations that can lower humanity’s carbon footprint.

The space

In Solna, Stockholm, you can visit The Hive exhibition to see what amazing innovations are in the works. We also hold innovation workshops for other companies and organizations and encourage creative minds to spend a day working from here.

The platform

The digital platform is a way for our employees to share ideas that can become the next innovation. When ideas are posted, we connect them with relevant talent so they have a chance to become reality.


The only way to reduce our carbon footprint is to collaborate. If you want to be part of the change we’re striving for, we want to hear from you. No matter if you work at VINCI, another organization or are still studying. Drop us a line and we’ll figure out how we can work together for a better future.


How to get involved


Book a workshop with one of our facilitators for your organisation.

Schools and students

Learn how you can build a career that can create great impact.

VINCI Energies employees

Submit your idea so we can help you make it reality.




Interview with one of the founders

“We have developed a methodology for how we can take advantage of all the resources in the company around the theme: how can we be involved and make our world better? It’s one part of The Hive. The second part is that we have built an innovation center in Stockholm that you can visit. It is an exhibition of environmentally smart solutions that we have already implemented in the group.”

Text: Isabelle Ibérer, Wendelin Media

Our partnership with Young Inventors

We support the non-profit association Young Inventors, which develops young people’s inherent creativity by allowing them to develop an idea; from idea to innovation. It will be practical and it will be concrete. The young people strengthen their creativity and ability to cooperate and thereby gain a more courageous attitude to problem solving. They develop themselves and others, and contribute to new ideas. Something that benefits everyone.